The Global Impact of Coffee Fruit Consumption

Patrick Celaya


The world runs on coffee. It’s the second most traded commodity on Earth, and millions of people start their day with a cup of its rich, dark brew. However, the beverage that so many people know and love is made from the coffee bean, which is just one part of the coffee plant. The coffee fruit, the bright red or purple cherry that houses the coffee bean, is often discarded as waste. Yet, this fruit holds the key to a host of health benefits and could have a far-reaching impact on the world, both socially and environmentally. Let’s explore how consuming coffee fruit could change the world, with the help of ‘The Other Side of Coffee.’

The Potential of Coffee Fruit

  1. Reducing Waste

Coffee production generates a significant amount of waste, with the discarded coffee fruit often ending up in landfills or water bodies, contributing to pollution and environmental degradation. Utilizing the coffee fruit for consumption helps reduce this waste and its associated environmental impacts.

  1. Supporting Farmers

Coffee farmers often struggle with low incomes and unstable prices for coffee beans. By creating a market for coffee fruit, farmers can generate additional income and improve their livelihoods. This is especially important in developing countries, where coffee is a major export crop.

  1. Environmental Benefits

The coffee fruit is a rich source of antioxidants and other nutrients, making it a valuable addition to a healthy diet. Moreover, utilizing the entire coffee plant, including the fruit, promotes sustainable agriculture by reducing waste and minimizing the environmental footprint of coffee production.

  1. Health Benefits

Coffee fruit offers a range of health benefits, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, supporting brain health, aiding weight loss, and providing a natural energy boost. ‘The Other Side of Coffee’ has harnessed these benefits in a delicious and refreshing Coffee Fruit Juice that contains 30 mg of caffeine, equivalent to a cup of green tea, for a smooth and sustained energy boost without the crashes or jitters.

The Role of ‘The Other Side of Coffee’

At ‘The Other Side of Coffee,’ we are passionate about maximizing the benefits of the entire coffee plant. Our Coffee Fruit Juice is made from 26% coffee fruit juice, naturally sweetened with stevia, and contains no added sugar. With only 20 calories and 3g of sugars, it’s a guilt-free treat that your body will thank you for. By supporting the consumption of coffee fruit, we can contribute to reducing waste, supporting farmers, promoting sustainable agriculture, and improving global health.


Consuming coffee fruit has the potential to change the world by reducing waste, supporting farmers, promoting sustainable agriculture, and improving global health. ‘The Other Side of Coffee’ is proud to contribute to this global impact by offering a delicious and refreshing Coffee Fruit Juice that harnesses the health benefits of coffee fruit. Join us in making a difference, one sip at a time!

The Other Side of Coffee